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#IdleNoMore, Mother Confronts Tom Flanagan


FEBRUARY 27, 2013.
The Southern Alberta Council on Public Affairs publicly announced a talk today named “Is it time to Reconsider the Indian Act?“. The talk was to address “issues of treaties, reserves, land claims, and the Indian Act” which have been brought into the public spotlight recently by the Idle no more movement. However the chosen keynote speaker was Prof. Tom Flanagan an outspoken opponent of the aims of the Idle No More movement. No one reflecting the views of aboriginal people or the Idle No More movement were invited to talk or debate at this event.

Tom Flanagan speaking at University of  Feb 27 2013, Photo by Shannan Little

Tom Flanagan speaking at University of Lethbridge Feb 27 2013, Photo by Shannan Little

“We are surprised and disappointed that the Southern Alberta Council on Public Affairs together with the administration of the University of Lethbridge have chosen to side against Idle No More. We interpret SACPA’s decision to invite Prof. Thomas Flanagan to the U of L as a slap in the face of those of us who support the agenda of INM, including the Blood Tribe’s chief and council. Prof. Flanagan’s hostility to Aboriginal and treaty rights is well known. At the very least we would have expected the extreme views of Prof. Flanagan to be presented within a debate format allowing equal voice for the articulation of INM’s positions.

Some of those who have benefited most from the dispossession of Canada’s First Nations afford huge publicity to Prof. Flanagan’s specious justifications for the privatization and municipalization of Indian reserves together with the termination of Canada’s inheritances of Crown-Aboriginal treaties.

Its time to break the complacency of corrupt Canadian elites by making it clear that Prof. Flanagan’s hostility to the rule of law in Canada is unacceptable. Section 35 of Canada’s Constitution Act states that the “existing Aboriginal and treaty rights of the Aboriginal peoples of Canada are hereby recognized and affirmed.” Let’s get on with the business of working out how to implement and enforce section 35 rather than revisiting Prof. Flanagan’s divisive and retrogressive efforts to extinguish the existence of Aboriginal and treaty rights in Canada.

Idle No More Blood Tribe.”

Idle No More activist reminds Flanagan about Aboriginal Rights 27/2/13, Photo by Arnell Tailfeathers

Idle No More activist reminds Flanagan about Aboriginal Rights 27/2/13, Photo by Arnell Tailfeathers

Background of Flanagan from Wikipedia:
“Thomas Eugene Flanagan CM FRSC(5 March 1944. Ottawa, Illinois) is an American-born political science professor at the University of Calgary, author, and conservative political activist. He also served as an advisor to Canadian prime minister Stephen Harper until 2004. Flanagan has focused on challenging Native and Metis rights. In connection with his multi-year research and publications on Louis Riel, Flanagan published a reinterpretation of the North-West Rebellion, defending the federal government’s response to Métis land claims.”

“In order to become self-supporting and get beyond the social pathologies that are ruining their communities, aboriginal people need to acquire the skills and attitudes that bring success in a liberal society, political democracy, and market economy. Call it assimilation, call it integration, call it adaptation, call it whatever you want: it has to happen.” (Flanagan 2008)

During the talk there was a heated confrontation between Flanagan and two indigenous Idle No More supporters.

Further into the session Flanagan was chastised for his statements on child pornography. He responded with an affirmation, “I do have some great doubts about putting people in jail because of their taste in pictures” and then continued to assert that “child pornography it is a real issue of personal liberty, to what extent we put people in jail for doing something in which they do not harm another person…”. These statements were followed by loud “boos” from the crowd.

Canada, is this the man you had advising PM Harper?

I tried to evaluate what Flanagan said with regards to child pornography (CP) in the most ridiculously PC terms I could (to see if the media could spin it any tolerable way). The closest to a valid argument one can get (with regards to CP charges) is the question of whether it is appropriate to charge a 15yrold who texts their 16yrold partner a naked pic of them self with CP possession/handling.

BUT, Flanagan was clearly not referring to that at all. He was referring to pictures in general. In fact he called the measures to eradicate CP a “jihad”, which is a term used nowadays to describe unnecessarily and superstitiously aggressive politics. I want to say he is out of his mind. I cannot believe he can rationalize that viewpoint.

What is most alarming is that there must be more like him. If he was in the position to advise the Prime Minister, his views are clearly not perceived as repugnant enough to damage their political image. In other words, Flanagan must have felt his ideas were supported by someone or he wouldn’t have dare affirmed them so boldly. In fact, the only thing he mentioned being against was molesters.

He did not however make a heavy handed position against child sex in general (which may include activities deemed “consensual”. Interestingly one of the pathological traits of a child sexual abuser is that they feel their activities are “consensual” and loving). I would consider his lack of vehemence against the act in general as a RED FLAG.

Canada, it is not unwise to be worried that Flanagan is either surrounded by Sanduskys who share their feelings and rationalizations too much, or he is one himself. I cannot think of any other reason for his positions as he is supposedly someone who can think and delineate issues for himself. I would demand investigations.

ALSO: via Sheelah McClean:
Harper advisor, Tom Flannigan made some remarks last night at a talk in Lethbridge regarding child pornography as a victimless act and a personal choice. The subscription that he mentioned was for a boys magazine and I am wondering why he mentioned the title of the subscription. We live in a culture of violent homophobia it is important to distinguish between our belief that children cannot consent, and our own homophobia. The reality is that our gender and sexual identities are complex and have been greatly impacted by colonialism. Please do not let these discussions evoke more violence in our communities.



One thought on “#IdleNoMore, Mother Confronts Tom Flanagan

  1. woman makes good points
    also would he want a pedophile slathering over photos of his children,grandchildren?

    Posted by Oemissions (@Oemissions) | February 28, 2013, 9:32 AM

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