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#Sovereignty Summer: to and fro

Chronology of some of the biggest moments: June-Oct



“It is time we make our numbers count
We the grassroots and life – Are what matters”


“Native communities throughout the US are reclaiming and reviving land, water, seeds, and traditional food and farming practices, thereby putting the culture back in agriculture”


“A shale gas exploration company’s service vehicle was surrounded and seized by a group of self-described native warriors near Elsipogtog First Nation in New Brunswick”


“If we’re going to sign an international treaty, there should be recognition of Aboriginal rights and title.”


“Our ocean is alive and like any other living entity it needs to feel love and gratitude to stay alive and well.”


“This is a historic moment for the Mapuche nation and for all nations of the continent because it is setting a precedent for international opinion in a case in which a First Nation seeks justice and reparation for the violence inflicted by the State.”


“if the Beaver Lake Cree Nation comes out on top, it could force the governments to revamp the way they review and approve industrial projects – namely the oil sands”


“dozens of dancers took to the streets of Toronto for a surprise flash mob, set to the sounds of a Tribe Called Red”


“she then knelt and began to pray. After about two minutes, the police proceeded to arrest…”

sacred journey

“It’s called “A Sacred Journey For Future Generations” and the walk is in support of the Idle No More movement’s opposition to the Conservative government’s Bill C-45.”


“The head of the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs has embarked on a 10-day motorcycle tour of First Nations across the Prairies to raise awareness of treaty rights.” (Photo by Sheila North Wilson)


“It was on this farm last week that the biggest confrontation occurred between the Indians and police, resulting in the death of an Indian.”


“[T]he Tsuu T’ina Nation in Alberta said the bill would leave its people parched in the midst of a major water shortage crunch.”


“Treaty Implementation will result in all people in this country thriving together as a global success story.” (Photo: Southern Ontario Regional Chiefs, via Paul S.)


“We’ve made our sacred fire. We’re going to stand our ground here. This would be the spot here, so we’re asking for support from all non-Native and Native peoples.”


“A valedictory address delivered by a member of the Red Cliff Band of Lake Superior Chippewa at Sunday’s graduation exercises at Bayfield High School led to a protest walkout by about 15 Native American students Monday.”


“To go from having no speakers for 150 years to having a young person stand up and give a prayer in honor of all the students in our language—it’s very emotional.”


“They both confronted Walkingstick and told him that if he wanted to walk, he could not wear his Eagle Feather.”


“she would not have to pay a $1,000 fine for wearing an eagle feather on her cap during her graduation ceremony in May.”


“First Nations children and supporters in Ottawa reading letters to Prime Minister Harper, calling for fairness, equity and opportunity” (Photo via Assembly of First Nations/Assemblee des premieres Nations)


“The Baby Veronica Case, recently argued before the U.S. Supreme Court, is one of the most important Indian legal battles of the last generation”


“honouring murdered and missing Canadian women. For every kilometre they walked they would hang a dream catcher on a tree as a marker and reminder of those women.


“Opponents of the exploration fear that once the company, SWN Resources Canada, finds shale gas, it won’t be long before it employs a controversial drilling technique called hydraulic fracturing, better known as fracking” (Photo by @1tnb)


“We need to be ensured that our values, our cultures, our legal systems that we have are going to be recognized and respected”


“We will join our counterparts of ranchers and farmers who will face TransCanada’s earthmovers when they come to dig, using the human right to engage in nonviolent direct action.”


“Some of us have given our whole lives to fight for the cause and stop mining.”


“The Indians are demonstrating against violations of indigenous rights and are calling for the suspension of the construction of the Belo Monte hydroelectric plant on the Xingu, Teles Pires and Tapajos rivers” (Photo by Lunae Parracho/REUTERS)


“As the owners of our territory, we are opposed to oil activities. We are informing the Peruvian state that the position of the Achuar people in the Pastaza region has not changed”


“The Mound, a site of great cultural significance to the Tribe, was the largest, busiest diplomatic and commercial center for the Cherokee people and all Native people on the East Coast”


“Human rights groups, including Amnesty International, have raised concerned about the regular and disproportionate application of the anti-terrorist law against the indigenous Mapuche in southern Chile.” (Photo by EFE)


“The end goal will be the day after there is no racism, the day after there’s no sexism, the day after there’s no homophobia, the day after there’s no systemic inequalities in society.”


“Oglala Sioux Tribe President Bryan Brewer was arrested today […] Several dozen Oglala Sioux tribal members were in the border town of White Clay to protest the sale of alcohol.”


“Coastal First Nations will lay down their lives to stop Enbridge.”


“There are signs of our ancestors all over our land, from Arctic Village to Old Crow, Fort Yukon to Fort McPherson, and their teachings are still available to us when we live closely to the land as they did.”


“Prayers were offered in the morning and night and along each step of the walk for healing of lands, waters, and air, as well as healing for all the people and the mind, body and spirit.”


“The undersigned strongly believe that everyone on the Band list should have a say on the treaty vote.”“modern-day-treat/18037


“In total, today’s 12 arrests – which just happens to be National Aboriginal Day – brings us to 29 arrests from both the Mi’kmaq and non-Indigenous communities”


“More than 1,000 people have been forced from homes on Siksika Nation.”



“We’re to challenge the idea of Canada Day. We should be thinking more critically about what’s happening to this country and indigenous sovereignty.”

pithouse people

“the Unis’tot’en defenders evicted yet another pipeline crew from the territory”


“The Oglala Lakota Nation is on the verge of a significant step for conservation and culture, for their people and the America people. It’s exciting to be a part of.”


“Two Manitoba First Nations are serving eviction notices to mining companies they say are operating illegally on their land.” (Photo by Les Harper)


“The Two Row Wampum is at the center of a yearlong, statewide campaign to educate the public about Native American treaties, to foster better relationships between Natives and non-Natives and to promote environmental protection.”


“This walk is for all of you…i share this with u…[sic]” (Photo by Pat Etherington)


“Are we OK to accept a pay cheque while we watch our land and water being turned toxic, preventing us from hunting and fishing? We will not be forced to sacrifice our culture and way of life”


“I pledge to continue to protect our inherent rights, our land, our water, our environment as our ancestors would have wanted”


“Kawacatoose First Nation is breaking economic ground by being the first band to opt of the money management provision of the Indian Act.”


“Each pair of moccasin tops are intentionally not sewn into moccasins to represent the unfinished lives of the women and girls.”


“Our people here have been telling us get out of AFN … and work on the basis of our treaty”


“They ride to spread a message of peace and healing throughout the entire world.”


“In …one of the longest public hearings in recent memory, hundreds signed up to testify at the Hawaii County Council committee hearing on bill 79 – which would prohibit genetically modified organisms on the Big Island.”


“the water is sick…and people need to really fight for that water, to speak for that water, to love that water”


“he and his four friends approached the drill site and encountered a man dressed head to foot in camouflage, and carrying an assault rifle (Photo via Paul DeMain)



“The fight isn’t with China – it’s with the federal government, which failed to consult with First Nations on the Canada-China FIPA as it should have according to section 35 of the Constitution,”


“It’s the one day we can show our family something different [than] the life we was leading that lead us in here.”


“canoe families shared stories of deliverance and sang songs of blessing, healing and honoring” (Photo by Ron Peltier, or Sammy Mabe)


“These lands belong to the descendants of Chief Saysewahum, we are here to say “stop the logging”.”


“We wonder, how do you instruct seven billion people as to the relationship to the Earth? Because unless they understand that, and relate the way they should be, the future is pretty dim for the human species.” (Photo by Andrew Courtney)

standing ground

“wiping tears from her cheek. “It’s not right. How can you take a child away from her family when we’ve never done anything wrong?”

Brenda Sayers_1

“What we have been saying is that this is something that affects all Canadians and we all have to pull together”

sioux valley

“The Government of Canada, the Government of Manitoba and Sioux Valley Dakota Nation signed the first-ever self-government agreements in the Prairies on August 30th, 2013.”



““I do not want to go! I do not want to go!” Screamed Veronica as She was Taken From Her Biological Father” (Photo via Standing Our Ground for Veronica Brown)


“this is a last warning. [Seismic testing] is the real lead up to hydraulic fracturing, and we’ve been doing this for almost three months.”


“HR 687 would retard the current policy direction and place native peoples’ heritage and sacred resources at risk, and it does so without affording the tribes the benefit of any meaningful consultation.” (Photo via This-is-not-native tumblr)


“it’s not just Mi’kmaq here. There’s French, English. It’s all about the water and we all have to drink.”


“the Tsleil-Waututh hosted a totem pole unveiling and feast with the Lummi Nation on September 29, 2013, to declare that their Nations are unified in their stance against the oil pipeline as well as the coal-processing terminal proposed”


“the Mi’kmaq people of Signigtog are resuming stewardship of their lands and waters”



“to protect our water… we can drink bottled water, but our relatives in the horse nation, the buffalo nation and the animals cannot drink bottled water, our water is sacred…” (Photo: G. Nienaber)


“‘We have been placed here on Turtle Island by our Creator, and we were granted Sacred Responsibilities by our Creator. …Signed: The 8 women of the 8th Fire”


“From all I have learned, I can only conclude that Canada faces a crisis when it comes to the situation of indigenous peoples of the country.” (Photo by Jean-Marc Ferré)


“Mi’kmaq Warrior Suzanne Patles, in a last-ditch attempt to defuse a situation now spiralling into a screaming match with police guns pointing in every direction, ran into the middle of the field screaming: “We were given this tobacco last night!””

we come in peace

“In Solidarity with #Elsipogtog #idlenomore” (Photo by the Indignants)


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