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TIPS FROM THE GRASSROOTS #inm #grassroots #activism



by Ryan Mervin Bellerose
So some of you know that I am very involved in anti racism groups
and human rights advocacy, I have learned a few lessons from that
work that I believe will help us in our struggle but it requires
some work from all of us.

first, make a twitter account, doesnt seem like much but you can
make things go viral pretty fast with a lot of people tweeting. this
helps get the word out quickly.

second form small groups in your community, but try to stay in
contact with the big group and other small groups, SUPPORT each
other, dont steal ideas, but share them. several small groups can
often get things done.

third, dont rely on crowd source funding, its a good tool for quick
fundraising but a lot of us are struggling to feed our families as
it is, so take the time to do actual fundraising, bake sales, art
sales, you name it, but you cannot run an effective organisation
without fundraising.

fourth be PROACTIVE, its all fine and good to picket stuff you
dont like but the best events are the ones that are not in responce,
the coolest rounddances were flashmobs, because they got
peoples attention.

fifth, choose what you want to do, set goals, otherwise you are
like a waterhose, the more holes in the hose, the less water comes
out the ends of it. so dont be afraid to set goals even small ones,
the people who you work with will appreciate it and it allows you
to celebrate success.

sixth, NETWORK, if you see a post you believe in, retweet it, post
it to FB, spread the word, if you see something another group is
doing, REACH OUT AND ASK WHAT THEY DID. find large groups
that share the same mandate or mission and stay in contact
with them.

seventh, share your successes, if you get your group in the paper,
share it! make sure people are aware of what you are doing, its not
about you, its about the cause and getting the cause out there is the
most important thing.

the last one is the most important, KNOW WHAT YOU ARE TALKING
ABOUT, if you need help, ask for it, but do not allow someone
to drag you into an argument unless you are 100% comfortable with
the subject being argued, and know your facts, the fastest way to
discredit a movement is to know nothing about it.

Many of you already know some of this or all of it, but many of you dont,
every single person on this group can make things happen, even if its
something small, remember, every avalanche starts with one snowflake.

(Cover Photo by Jennifer MtPleasant, TwoRowTimes)

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