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source: GENDER (in)EQUALITY 101. Today, on International Women’s Day, I read this article which actually made some points that poked my brain more than any other women’s rights article or quote ever has. Here is an excerpt for your enjoyment: “In a small village near Xuan Thuy National Park in Vietnam, Pham Thi Kim Phuong starts … Continue reading

#Sovereignty Summer: to and fro

Chronology of some of the biggest moments: June-Oct JUNE “It is time we make our numbers count We the grassroots and life – Are what matters” https://www.facebook.com/notes/idle-no-more-bc/grassroots-in-solidarity-parts-i-to-v-idle-no-more/477356049018771 “Native communities throughout the US are reclaiming and reviving land, water, seeds, and traditional food and farming practices, thereby putting the culture back in agriculture” http://www.truth-out.org/news/item/16725-putting-the-culture-back-in-agriculture-reviving-native-food-and-farming-traditions “A shale … Continue reading

June 21st, Summer Sovereignty #SS #INM

[scroll down for event info] June 21st is a significant day. First, it is the Summer Solstice. Here is a story for all to relate to: During this time, in the third century B.C., a Greek scholar named Eratosthenes calculated the first known measurement of the size of the Earth. He simply used the shadow … Continue reading

Join the Journey of Nishiyuu today ~ #INM #IdleNoMore #Nishiyuu

Journey of Nishiyuu March 25 2013 ONLINE LIVE STREAMING OF EVENT: [no longer live streaming] TIME SCENARIO DETAILS 7:00 AM Walkers leave the overnight stay at Chelsea 8:30 AM Walkers reach Hwy 105 and St Joseph Blvd 11:30 AM Ottawa Police close the Portage Bridge for Walker’s entry to Victoria Island 12:00 NOON Sacred fire … Continue reading

Idle No More and Defenders of the Land JOIN FORCES!

“We know it will take a lot more to defeat Harper and the corporate agenda. But against the power of their money and weapons, we have the power of our bodies and spirits.” IDLE NO MORE SOLIDARITY SPRING A Call to Action from Idle No More & Defenders of the Land From http://idlenomore.ca/ Idle No … Continue reading

Calling All Warriors to Protect the Land

Now that it is spring, the grounds thaw, and construction workers prepare for work. MANY MAY BE FAMILIAR with the ongoing demonstrations against the slew of bills (C-27, C-38, C-45, S-2, S-6, S-8, C-428, S-207, S-212) passed last year and this winter in Canada, as well as mining activities, among them the proposed pipeline extension … Continue reading

#IdleNoMore Sacred Fires #M20 #M21 #M22

FROM NETNEWSLEDGER THUNDER BAY – Idle No More is continuing forward. The growing movement appeared to many to vanish. It has not, what has been happening is a lot of re-focusing, a lot of meetings, and a great deal of serious thinking about the next steps. Idle No More in a statement issued today: “Founders … Continue reading


Check out what our relatives in Sydney did for January 28th Day of Global Action. A powerful, deadly show of cultural resilience, colonial resistance, and unity. IDLE NO MORE- SYDNEY! SILENT WEAVING


CLICK TO JOIN IN: Settler Roles in Indigenous Resurgence Fri, Jan 25 at 5pm PST – Online Public Teach-in “Idle No More Live Stream event being broadcast live from Vancouver Island University on Settler Roles in Indigenous Resurgence”

Originally posted on CULTURITE:
#J16Forum: Idle No More – Where Do We Go From Here? Teach-in & Public Forum Wednesday, January 16, 2013 University of Victoria First People’s House Ceremonial Hall 7-9pm PST UPDATE: Here are the SPREECAST ARCHIVE LINKS from #J16Forum. We had multiple stream crashes due to our audience size and traffic volume,…


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Ever wondered what life's like in a remote tribal community? What tribal people have to say about the world? Tribal Voice, a project by Survival International, brings the thoughts and experiences of some of the most diverse societies on earth direct to your screen in real time. We're kicking off the project with tribes in Brazil. The Guarani, whose land has been stolen and destroyed by plantations and ranches, are now sending regular updates about their lives, and their struggle to survive. It's time to listen.

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EcoPeace Middle East is a unique organization that brings together Jordanian, Palestinian, and Israeli environmentalists. Our primary objective is the promotion of cooperative efforts to protect our shared environmental heritage

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