Bill Breakdown

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Bill C-38 Budget [Omnibus Bill #1]
Bill C-38

Bill C-45: Jobs and Growth Act, 2012 [Omnibus Bill #2]
Bill C-45

Bill C-27: First Nations Financial Transparency Act
Bill C-27

Bill S-2: Family Homes on Reserves and Matrimonial Interests or Rights Act
Bill S-2

Bill S-6: First Nations Elections Act
Bill S-6

Bill S-8: Safe Drinking Water for First Nations
Bill S-8

Bill C-428: Indian Act Amendment and Replacement Act
Bill C-428

There are also the Senate Bills:
Senate Bills


DOCUMENT Breakdown

Below are documents outlining the current bills which Idle No More is fighting against in Canada. They attack indigenous sovereignty, fail to fulfill treaty obligations, and threaten the environment for all Canadians – the effects of which will be felt across borders if it is not stopped. Please take some time to inform yourselves.

A Summary of Current Federal Legislative Amendments Affecting First Nations (2012)
[In depth analysis] Briefing Book on Idle No More Legislative Amendments


Harper government bills that sparked Idle No More
PM Harper’s First Nation Termination Plan-2012
Canadian Legislation-FACT SHEET by KMKNONewsletter

Hand outs

Idle No More Bill Breakdown
BILL C-45 – FACTS AND OVERVIEW by Mi’kmaq Rights Intiative
2012 White-paper: Bill breakdown by Solidarity Halifax

WE ARE ALL AFFECTed psacPSAC wants Bill C-45 opened up to public debate
PSAC criticism of Budget Implementation Act: Bill C-38
Everyone in Canada is Affected [PDF]


AUDIO Breakdown:

Harper Bill To Amend The Indian Act Dr Pamela Palmater Nov 18 2012
Host: Russ Letica from the Madawaska Maliseet First Nation
Welcome Dr. Pamela D. Palmater who is an Associate Professor and the author of Beyond Blood Rethinking Indigenous Identity. She will be speaking about BILL C-428. An Act to amend the Indian Act (publication of by-laws) and to provide for its replacement. Length 1:36:09

VIDEO Breakdown:

Russell Diabo: a Chronology of Canada-First Nations Relationship Feb 27 2013
Russell Diabo, member of the Mohawk Nation at Kahnawake, Editor First Nations Strategic Bulletin, and First Nations Policy Analyst will be speaking this Friday on January 25 at 10 am on issues affecting Indigenous Peoples and meeting with labour and community allies. Given the important developments around the Defenders of the Land, the Idle No More movement, the Chief Theresa Spence’s sacred hunger strike, and the upcoming Indigenous-Canada-Quebec social forum General Assembly this weekend in Ottawa on Algonquin Territory, this is a timely event to hear from a person on the front lines of Indigenous struggles today. Length 53:02

More information about Idle No More can be found at the official website


Do you feel a bit more informed?
Ready to Take Action?



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