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Treaty Freedom Caravan, June 6 2013
On June 6, 2013, Grand Chief Derek Nepinak of the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs, along with former Chief Norman Bone of the Keeseekowenin Ojibway First Nation in the Treaty 2 lands of Riding mountain, along with technical and communications support staff, will begin a trip across the ancestral lands and treaty territories within the contemporary political constructs of Manitoba, Saskatchewan & Alberta. The Treaty Caravan is an extension of an existing mandate of the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs to ensure that we begin re-establishing the treaty relationship on a nation to nation, treaty territory by treaty territory basis. This necessarily involves transcending contemporary provincial boundaries and promoting the treaty renewal message far and wide, without consideration of artificial boundaries created by settler society governments. It is anticipated that there may be other treaty people across the land that may join us on the treaty caravan. The caravan must be completed before June 21st, 2013. Length 08:46

Tar Sands Healing Walk 2013 PSA, June 6 2013
On July 5-6 people will come together from coast to coast to join First Nations and Metis in the Healing Walk, a gathering focused on healing the environment and the people who are suffering from tar sands expansion. Length 02:07
#IdleNoMore #INM #SovSummer #HealingWalk

Reclaim PKOLS – May 22nd Action
Coast Salish Territory — Chiefs of the WSANEC (Saanich) and Lekwungen (Songhees) First Nations, joined by an estimated 700-800 supporters from neighbouring First Nations and non-indigenous communities, have signed a joint Declaration Reclaiming PKOLS and installed a permanent sign at the summit of the promontory in Saanich, BC formerly known as Mount Douglas. The Declaration was signed during a ceremony at the summit on the evening of May 22nd, following a march and re-enactment of the original signing of the North Saanich Treaty with governor James Douglas at that location in 1852. Length 01:53

Reclaim PKOLS (Mt. Douglas) – May 22, 2013: Call to Action
On Wednesday, May.22nd, WSÁNEĆ nations will lead an action to reclaim the traditional name of PKOLS (formerly known as Mt. Doug). This action will include: a march up the hill from the base; a re-enactment of the signing of the Douglas Treaty; the telling of oral histories and traditional significance of the mountain; and the installation of a sign declaring this name reclamation. Length 01:38

Gesgapegiag walkers Idle No More, May 21 2013
A group of Mi’kmaq indigenous people walking to Ottawa from Gesgapegiag to create bonds within thier communities and highlight their friendship treaties with the crown. Peace and Friendship Walkers. Length 04:20

Loopels presents Hawaii Speaks “No GMO’s”, May 20 2013
Loopels, a technology company that connects the children of Earth, showcases the issue of GMO’s (genetically modified organisms). This is a powerful look at how some people on Maui, Hawaii are protesting the use of the aina (land) by billion dollar chemical companies and the side effects it’s causing for this island paradise and the world. Length 05:01

Wes Studi “Idle No More”, May 14 2013
Wes Studi and Sarah Matthews introduce INM movement in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Idle No More, Indian Day, New Mexico State Capitol. Length 01:50

Idle No More Public Service Announcement, May 16th 2013
This is a public service announcement made by JT Pro Imaging and overseen by actor Saginaw Grant for and starring Native celebrities of all ages. Those appearing in addition to Grant include Shannon Baker and Shauna Baker (the Baker Twins), Sam Bearpaw, Shayna Jackson, Crystle Lightning, Zahn McClarnon, Rick Mora, Rocky Navajo, Marisa Quinn, MC Red Cloud, DeLanna Studi, Alan Tafoya, and Shaun Taylor-Corbett. Length 00:44

Idle No More (Documentary), April 19th 2013
A Documentary on the Idle no more movement that has taken place in canada. It concerns the federal governments decisions for the water in canada. Which effects the treaty rights of the first nations people. Length 13:33

Moccasins on the Ground for Unci Maka, April 10 2013
Moccasins on the ground for Mother Earth. Length 04:17

APTN Youth for Lakes, April 9th 2013
APTN National News. Length 02:18

#RLBlockade: Why We Fight Enbridge, April 4 2013
Nizhawendaamin Indaakiminaan – We Love Our Land. Red Lake enbridge blockade documentary. Length 12:10

Interview with Sylvia McAdam Saysewahum Jan 28 2013
Sylvia McAdam Saysewahum, co-founder of “Idle No More” movement of indigenous people in Canada, interviewed by TamilNet in London, UK, on 28 January, 2013. Length 14:10

Niki Ashton Calls For A National Inquiry On Murdered And Missing Women Feb 13 2013
Niki Ashton, Canada NDP and Status of Women Critic, Calls For A National Inquiry On Murdered And Missing Women during Parliament’s Question Period. Length 02:17

Idle No More: The Voice of a Movement
Shot by Michael Anderson (Feb 2013) a non-indigenous law student, this short documentary is aimed to inform Canadians of the major pillars of the Idle No More movement. ‘The Voice of a Movement’ is meant to be one voice among the movement’s many. Length 19:13

straightd0pe: Idle No More
Some information about the movement. Length 03:44

The Stream: Canada’s native winter
January 28 2013, a look at how social media launched the Aboriginal’s “Idle No More” protests in Canada. Can online momentum sustain the movement as divisions grow?
Featuring: Wab Kinew; Ellen Gabriel; Jarette Martineau; Erica Lee; Tanya Kappo.
Length 35:54

Idle No More & Mainstream Media
Jan 24 2013, CBC-TV’s Senior Correspondent in Ottawa, Terry Milewski gets a public dressing down as Liberal leader Bob Rae responds to a question that Milewski asked regarding the goals of First Nations and #idlenomore in Canada. The question revealed much about what is wrong with mainstream media coverage of FN in Canada. At the end of the video, Milewski declines a follow-up! Length 05:47

Inside Story Americas – Idle No More
Jan 16 2013, An aboriginal protest movement in Canada has captivated the country and gained supporters around the world. But can Idle No More and the rest of Canada’s indigenous community come together and force the government to act? Guests: Grand Chief Derek Nepinak, Pamela Palmater, and Tim Powers. Length 25:00

IDLE NO MORE La Tuque, Jan 10 2013
Le silence ne m’empêches pas de m’exprimer. Silence does not prevent me from expressing myself. Length 03:07

News Now: Idle No More’s mission Dec 22nd 2012
News Now discusses the mission and direction of Idle No More with Dr. Pam Palmater.

She’s Alive…Beautiful…Finite…Hurting…Worth dying for. June 26, 2011
This is a non-commercial attempt from and…, to highlight the fact that world leaders, irresponsible corporates and mindless ‘consumers’ are combining to destroy life on earth. It is dedicated to all who died fighting for the planet and those whose lives are on the line today. The cut was put together by Vivek Chauhan, a young film maker, together with naturalists working with the Sanctuary Asia network.


Canada Under Siege
Hidden in Conservative Govt Bill C-45 is a law that allows Corporations a free hand to destroy Canadian rivers and lakes which are the source of life, and our drinking water. AND when you add agreements free trade agreements like FIPA which allows Chinese companies a free hand and not be held accountable, we have a very serious breach of Canadian sovereignty! Length 12:43

To the Last Drop: Canada’s Dirty Oil Sands – Part 1 Length 23:30
To the Last Drop: Canada’s Dirty Oil Sands – Part 2 Length 24:03
In recent years, according to the Alberta Cancer Board, Fort Chipewyan has experienced an unusually high rate of cancer. Local fishermen are finding growing numbers of deformed fish in their nets. Residents and John O’Connor, the community doctor, worry there could be a connection to the oil sands. As they did in the 1970s, the people of Fort Chipewyan have appealed to science for help. Then it was William Fuller, a biologist from the University of Alberta, who collected the data that proved the Delta was dying. Today, it is David Schindler, the winner of the Stockholm Water Prize, and a team of international scientists conducting painstaking research to find out what is in the Athabasca River – and where it is coming from. Total length 47:33

Survival, Strength, Sisterhood: Power of Women in the Downtown Eastside
A short film that documents the 20 year history of the annual women’s memorial march for missing and murdered women in Vancouver, Coast Salish Territories. By focusing on the voices of women who live, love, and work in the Downtown Eastside this film debunks the sensationalism surrounding a neighbourhood deeply misunderstood, and celebrates the complex and diverse realities of women organizing for justice. Length 34:01

H2oil – A documentary about the Canadian tar sand oil
In the vast, pristine forests of Western Canada, the ‘war for water’ has already begun…
Thanks to Alberta’s Athabasca oil sands, Canada is now the biggest oil supplier to the United States. A controversial billion-dollar industry is heavily invested in extracting crude from the tarry sands through a process so toxic it has become an international cause for concern. Four barrels of glacier-fed spring water are used to process each barrel of oil, then are dumped, laden with carcinogens, into leaky tailings ponds so huge they can be seen from space. Downstream, the people of Fort Chipewyan are already paying the price for what will be one of the largest industrial projects in history. When a local doctor raises the alarm about clusters of rare cancers, evidence mounts for industry and government cover-ups. In a time when wars are fought over oil and a crisis looms over access to clean fresh water, which resource is more precious? And what price are we willing to pay? — Gisèle Gordon. Length 03:20


Jim Sinclair’s Iconic Speech (1987)
Watch Jim Sinclair’s spell-binding speech at the closing of the failed First Minister’s Conference on Aboriginal Rights in the Constitution, March 27, 1987. Length 10:05

Earth Ambassadors, Indigenous Young People Dedicated to Healing Mother Earth (1990)
For seven days in December, 1990, 48 Indigenous Young People, representing more than 40 Tribes, from 22 States, came together in a Holistic Training Process that was integrated and balanced, culturally,physically spiritually, emotionally and scientifically. Length 15:01

Wab Kinew On Strombo: Full Interview Jan 25 2012
Why are stereotypes of First Nations people so prominent in Canada? Why is it so hard to get non-Native Canadians to pay attention to the experiences that Natives have endured? Wab Kinew talks with George about some of the problems facing Canadian society – and suggests some possible solutions. Length 13:55


Women Walking the Mississippi River Water Walk 2013 – Hosted by Dixie Treichel, MAR 8 2013
Indigenous women in the walk from the Headwaters to the Gulf of Mexico discuss the preciousness of water. With Dorene Day & Faye Brown, International Women’s Day 2013. Length 1:02:00

Harper Bill To Amend The Indian Act Dr Pamela Palmater
Host: Russ Letica from the Madawaska Maliseet First Nation
Welcome Dr. Pamela D. Palmater who is an Associate Professor and the author of Beyond Blood Rethinking Indigenous Identity. She will be speaking about BILL C-428. An Act to amend the Indian Act (publication of by-laws) and to provide for its replacement. Length 1:36:09

Idle No More interview with Nina Wilson, NOV 2012
Idle No More is a grassroots movement that opposes the passage of Bill C-45, the latest omnibus bill. I interviewed Nina Wilson who was there this morning about their concerns with how it would affect First Nation peoples and rights if passed. Length 04:57

Idle No More [from UK] Steve Rushton Interviews Sylvia McAdam
Steve Rushton of Steve Ruston Writing and Research interviews Silvia Mcadam co- founder of Idle No More. The interview was done after a talk given by Silvia at The Bishopsgate institute in London. Length 23:18

Clyde Bellecourt AIM Founder on 1350 AM Louisville

Ryan McMahon: Everything You Do Is Political – You’re Anishinaabe

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